We. Create. Bielefeld.


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We. Create. Bielefeld.

With "We. Create. Bielefeld." we offer all Bielefelder:innen a platform on which exchange and direct participation in collaborative processes is to emerge. The basis for this is the Open Innovation City Bielefeld project, which promotes open exchange between politics and administration, business, chambers and start-ups, education and research, as well as civil society, in order to jointly develop and implement innovations for Bielefeld and the OWL region.

The initiative "Future of Care" is the first step in this direction. In the near future, the focal points "Green City" and "Future of Work" will follow. How can a city become greener and more livable, or what will the work of the future look like? How can all sectors of a society work openly and transparently on a common future?

The close links between Open Innovation City and We. Create. Bielefeld. forms the basis for a forward-looking, dynamic innovation city!


Get involved in the process!


How can I participate?

We will provide regular information on this page about all topics related to the topic of care of the future. In addition, there is already a regular Meetup on the topic of HealthTech. Its members meet at regular intervals to take a closer look at the issues surrounding digitization and nursing staff regulations (more dates to follow). Further participatory formats and events are already being planned and will be published here shortly.

How can I submit ideas?

Ideas, suggestions or proposals can be submitted at any time via info@@wir-gestalten-bielefeld.de. Please leave your contact details so that we can get back to you if we have any questions!

How can I get in touch on site?

Innovation Office (in Bielefeld city centre):
Alter Markt 13
33602 Bielefeld