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To the survey

What is your future vision of
the care sector in Bielefeld?


The topic of care affects us all, e.g., as relatives of those receiving care, as volunteers, or as people who themselves will one day be cared for. There is hardly a life situation in which we do not have direct or indirect contact with this topic.

Care is very diverse: It can take place at home, in assisted living facilities or in a nursing home. In addition, there are aspects such as new technologies or digitization. In addition, many of us are familiar with the political discussion on care.

But how do we actually envision care in the future? What is important to us and what ideas do we have for shaping it? And if we look at our city: How is care in Bielefeld actually positioned? Where is there potential for development?  Take the opportunity now and actively shape the discussion about the care of the future in Bielefeld by taking part in the survey!

What is the survey about?

How would you like to be cared for in the future and how do you envision care in the future? This question is the focus of the survey.

Care is one of the most important issues of the future in our society today. We are all familiar with the political discussion on this. However, many aspects of care can be shaped locally, i.e. in our city and on site. In order to be able to shape the care of the future in Bielefeld, the perspective of the people of Bielefeld is therefore of elementary importance - in other words, your opinion.

The survey focuses on very important aspects of care, e.g.

  • How do we imagine to age in dignity?
  • Under what conditions can we imagine being cared for in a nursing home?
  • How can the care of relatives be supported in the best possible way?
  • How can voluntary work in the area of care be strengthened?
  • What do we as citizens think about the use of technology and digitization in care?
  • and much more.

The survey is thus intended to determine the Bielefelders' idea of the care of the future in our city and to start a broad social debate on this in Bielefeld. This debate is expected to generate new impulses for the care of the future in Bielefeld.

For the first time, the citizens of a city will be asked directly about their ideas and perceptions - also about the local design of care with a view to their own city. The urban society is thus called upon to actively shape the discussion on the future of care in Bielefeld.

Who is involved?

The Center for Innovation in the Health Care Industry OWL (ZIG) and the research project Open Innovation City have joined forces with the Social Department and the Social Welfare Office of the City of Bielefeld, the von Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wohlfahrtsverbände Bielefeld (AGW) to launch the initiative The Future of Care. Together, the initiators want to start the debate about the care

Why should you join?

This is your chance to actively shape the nursing of the future in Bielefeld! Describe now how you might want to be cared for one day or how care should change. Never before has the city community been asked about its. Never before has the city community been asked about its vision of care in the future. And it has never been so easy and uncomplicated to participate. Take part in the survey (perhaps over a cup of coffee?) and have your say!  We look forward to your opinion - because only together can we shape the future of care.

Where do we go from here?

The survey will provide important impulses for the future of care in Bielefeld. We would like to actively build on this with you and enter into further dialog. In concrete terms, this means that the findings will be presented, discussed and points of contact identified in open digital and analog formats. The aim is to identify concrete fields of action for the design of care in Bielefeld.

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